Welcome to the wide world of health you can find in the plant parts that go into making dandelion tea! Like vitamins and minerals, without water added for tea. Many components make dandelion tea benefits so good and healthy for you.


 untitledby Charles Silverman, N.D.



Companies have concentrated the essential elements in dandelion tea to provide you a vast variety of convenient ways to get the goodness right at your fingertips. For teas, tinctures, vitamins, wrinkle cream, and many more health products made with dandelion, simply click:





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  1. Michele Charles Says:

    I have a question, I just got back from the doctors, and she wanted me to drink this Dandelion Tea for 2 weeks instead of up my Lasix meds, I was wondering if I can get this type of tea at krogers, marsh etc. I already went to Krogers and couldn’t find it. Please help me out. THanks

  2. Ruth Says:

    Hi, Michele, thank you for your insightful comments. I am happy to try to help you. It has taken me a very long time to express an applicable answer. I congratulate you for rendering me speechless for quite some time. You accomplished a remarkable feat. We feel your frustration, wondering where to purchase the dandelion tea you want. That’s why we created this website! I am pleased to hear that your doctor is up on the incomparable benefits of dandelion tea, which I hope you enjoy, & bought clicking our website ads!

    I would like to hear your experience from clicking on the attractive ads that beautify our pages online, opportunities offered by select companies that help provide the world with easy access to delicious dandelion tea & much more. Whenever you visit the stores directly from our website, we receive a percent of any purchase you make then. That’s how the stores thank us for referring you to them. We thank you! We don’t know what you buy once you reach a store from our website, but we do receive a little commission. We invite you to support these dandelion-friendly stores – and this website. We appreciate when you Shop here! It pays to keep our website on the air.

    To get to a store, click on the store name. For a product, click the product.

    In fact, we invite everybody to check out any and all links on these pages. I am certain you will find something you will be happy to purchase, and any time you would like another purchase from that same store, we encourage you go to our website and click from here to get there! My answer, Michele:

    Please help me out! Buy that dandelion tea your doctor recommends here!
    Thanks! Ruth

  3. june leeflang Says:

    i have thin blood that is slower to clott, if i drink roasted danelion blend would that improve cogulation times regards june

  4. alexandra Says:

    Excellent write-up. I absolutely love this
    website. Keep it up!

  5. Roaline Says:

    I have just heard that dandelion works effectively in weight loss too.Is that true and if yes how does it work and where can it be purchased in South Africa,Cape Town

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