My Father

My father introduced us children to dandelions; he had been introduced to them as a child. Ever since, I like eating dandelions in any form.

Who introduced you to dandelions?
In memory of my father, who died August 11, 2009 at 87 years of age.

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  1. Richard Lawson Says:

    Hi dear, I’m feeling good first time meet you and your father. You’re a lucky person bcoz you father still alive. I motion you a lot.

  2. Richard Lawson Says:

    Oh my, I didn’t care he was died. I’m sorry dear. 😛

  3. Ruth Says:

    Thank you so much! You are a dear, Richard. I’m so glad you noticed and that you care!
    Your friend, Ruth

  4. Ruth Says:

    My dear Richard, thank you for writing back! You really care! I appreciate you and your heart-felt message. All the best to you!
    Your friend Ruth

  5. pamella Says:

    Your father has the smile of a bright happy loving Dandeline, no wonder he is your inspiration

  6. Ruth Says:

    Thank you! How sweet! I appreciate you and your kind comments. Ruth

  7. brian longhurst Says:

    Hello Ruth
    I’m in the U.K.,and am interested in your views re Dandelion’s for medical reasons.
    I wonder how one should take Dandelion if you have cancer.Can the tea version help?,if so is it bitter.
    The process of making the powder seems to take a long time,which if you have cancer you don’t have a lot of.
    I wonder if the capsule version is usefull?
    Thanks and kind regards
    brian longhurst.

  8. Kathy Says:

    Dear Ruth,
    This is a lovely website, my mother introduced me to dandelions, how fun they were to blow the seed heads! I have been juicing dandelions and making salads with them but only on occasion. One year, I grew a dozen French dandelions, purchased from a local nursery and ate them daily. I pulled them out completely before they went to seed. Now I’m going to try the wild ones growing in my organic garden which is seven years pesticide free! tomorrow will be the day of my first harvest – I will try your technique with leaving some root in place in order to get many more. They are in the perfect spot for propagation!
    By the way, your 21 day diet page is not loading …does it feature consuming large quantities of dandelion over 21 days?

  9. Aaron Says:

    Ive been drinking a powder for a few years now called
    dandy blend
    i just love it…its part of my daily routine
    and every time i sit down to it at work
    i feel like im cleansing and protecting my body
    cool website btw
    thanks for the information
    Best- Aaron Staats

  10. Angela Says:

    My grandparents used to go and pick dandelions outside of the city in the spring, huge bags of them! Then they used to clean them and freeze them for use all year long. Dandelions were almost a daily sidedish at my grandparents house. I didn’t understand why they did this but now I do. They were of Italian background.

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