Calcium: Ounce for Ounce, More than Milk

A healing herb, dandelion contains a rich  abundance of calcium, which constitutes fifty percentor moreof the mineral elements in a human body.  Concentrated in bones and teeth, this macronutrient is essential in blood and muscles. A one hundred fifty-pound person has approximately three pounds of this mineral. Calcium works together with Vitamin D to make dense, strong bones. High in calcium, ounce for ounce more than milk, and with a wealth of other nutrients, dandelion makes a long-time favorite choice for tea.

Dandelion is also loaded with calcium in the form of healthy mineral salts, which quickly alkalinize acidic blood. The rich combinations of calcium potassium salts in dandelion chemically “strip” harmful bacilli from moist mucosal tissue in the lungs; compounds in dandelion leaves (xanthophyll and lutein) help disinfect the lungs, making it much harder for toxic bacilli bacteria to remain there. The enormous vitamin A and calcium content in dandelion acts as an effective antibiotic and minimizes any viral activity by boosting immune defenses.  Immune cells in a healthy person become active upon detection of intruders, like foreign microbes, and a rush of calcium ions activate the immune cells.

Dandelion has all the nutritive salts (bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium, phosphate, and sodium electrolytes); these help purify the blood and destroy excess acid. These natural ionic compounds are important to sustain life because mineral salts comprise part of every fluid and structure in the human body.

To make your own tea, read How to Pick Dandelions for Dandelion Tea; use six dandelion leaves per teacup. Tear the leaves into strips and drop them into the bottom of the cup, fill with boiling water, and let stand for 5-10 minutes. Strain if desired, and sweeten, if you wish, by stirring in a teaspoon of honey or sugar.

Unsweetened cooled dandelion tea makes an effective skin wash, applied to minor scars and inflammations.

Drinking dandelion tea can give the body a “natural high” or incredible sensation of energy, giving a “grounded” type of energy without unwanted side effects like from caffeine, calcium that helps keep your energy levels high!

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  1. Scott Says:

    I’ve been consuming roasted dandelion root as a ‘cowboy style’ boiled grounds coffee,… and poured or strained out as just liquid,… and I fully feel as you’ve written. My words exactly, a very grounded nutrition body feeling it gives to me. I was already really good, and Dandelion coffee makes me even better.

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