Kidney Stone Relief

By Chris Kindler

The factors responsible for stones are yet to be explored but one would refer to kidney stones as crystallizations dropping out of urine and obstruct of crystallizations may be like sands or a big marble. Very handfuls of them are smooth and others are not smooth making it difficult to pass.

Problems like pressure and stoppage in the kidney zone cause the typical pain for kidney stones. Stone’s location can be kidney or it splits and passes down the ureters. This is undoubtedly painful.

Struvite, calcium oxalate, cystine, and uric acid are four types of kidney stone and medical person can demarcate the different factors of stone development by twenty-four hour urine samples. Knowing this factor lets your physician apply particular therapy to lessen attacks of kidney stones. Calcium oxalate kidney stone is the usual one and extra calcium in the urine ties with further waste products for forming urinary calculi.

Kidney stones in varied size (like sand grain or a dime) have to get through a tube akin to the size of spaghetti from kidney to urinary tract and this tube is known as ureter. Passing the kidney stone according to doctor’s advice is truly painful. But, certain ways are there to complete this process almost effortlessly averting any further kidney stones.

The different things that give kidney stone relief:

Dandelion or Goldenrod

Being natural diuretic, dandelion raises urine output to help blood circulation through the kidneys. Importantly, dandelion is enriched with potassium like banana and it doesn’t reduce potassium like diuretics. Add two teaspoons of dried dandelion to a cup of steaming water to prepare dandelion tea and previous to drinking, steep it for fifteen minutes.

Goldenrod herb can cure inflammation created at the time of kidney stone passing. This herb aids you in passing kidney stones in tea form. The process of making goldenrod tea is like dandelion tea. As a difference, add two teaspoons of dried goldenrod here. Everything else remains same.

Gravel Root

It makes kidney stones softer giving rest to ureter. This accomplishes the passing process giving less pain. Moreover, it aids avoid further kidney stones and 30 drops of gravel root tincture thrice everyday are suggested by The Doctors Book of Herbal Home Remedies.
Marshmallow Root or Corn Silk

A layer of mucous membranes in our urinary tracts generally guards t urinary tract but this line of mucous is damaged when the kidney stone passes. Consuming marshmallow or corn silk tea is of paramount significance in recovering the damage of the urinary tract.

Two ounces of root to each quart of water to let the blending boil for almost 10 minutes prepares marshmallow root tea. Whereas, blending 1 ounce of corn silk with one pint of hot water prepares corn silk tea once you just let the blending be chill and gel for five minutes. The Doctors Book of Herbal Home Remedies recommends consuming 3 cups of such types everyday before every meal.

Such remedies aid in kidney stone’s passing (otherwise painful process) and complete the process effortlessly with minimum pain, giving you optimum kidney stone relief.

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  1. Michelle Says:

    I know that dandelions in salad greens are VERY bad to eat due to their high oxalate counts if you have high oxalate kidney stones, but is the “root” tea version different? If so and how will it help, please explain, thank you.

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