Word Game – Dandelion Tea

Form English (or Australian!) words from “dandelion tea”? Use no abbreviations, no proper nouns or pronouns, no improper words, no informal alternate spellings (like nite for night), and no slang. All the letters, organized for your convenience:
            consonants:   d   d       l       n   n       t               vowels:   a   a       e   e       i       o

How many words can you make in 1 minute? Take the challenge & play! Answers:

A A:   a (ad) add addle ade aid aided ail ailed ale alit alone alto an anal and annal anneal anoint anointed anon ant ante anti at ate atone atoned

D D:   dale dandelion dead deaden deal dealed deed del [vector differential operator] (deli) delta deltoid den denote denoted dent dental dented dentin dial dialed did die died diel diet dit dite dited dine dined do doe don donate donated done donned dot dote doted dude [ranch] dun dune

E E:   eat eaten edit edited eel el elated elation eld elite ell end ended entail entailed eon

I:  id  ide [fish] idea ideal idle idled in inane indeed indolent inlet inn innate ion iota it

L:   lad laden laid lanate land landed lane laned late lateen latin lead leaded led lei lend lended lent let lid lie lied linden line lined lint lion lit load loan loaned lode loden loin lone lot lotion lotioned

N N:   nada nail nailed nat nation national neat neaten need neon net nil nit no nod node noel non none not note noted

O:   oat odd ode oil oiled oint old olden (oleo) on one

T:   tad tail tailed tale talon tan tanned tea teal te [note] ted tee teed teen teil [tree] ten tend tendon tenet ti [note] tiddle tide tided tidal tilde tile tiled tin tine tined tinned toad toddle toil toiled told ton tonal tone toned tonned

Try making a sentence—or phrase—or two, if you like!
It landed and no one noted it.      …   a tail on a lion      …      a dial tone...
Phrases using each dandelion-tea letter once: nation dealed; national deed

Savvy internet marketers recognize the proper name “ed dale” in “dandelion tea” and—easily—30DC Dan (Raine)! [Ed, I’m eager to hear, on the day you find this!]

We hope you add to our dandelion-tea word game and welcome your comments!

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