Memory & Mood, Fine and Dandy Learning

What common denominator links memory, mood, and learning—ah, yes, what does dandelion have a lot of, great for your memory? Great for your mood? And great for you, to learn?


Phrased precisely, what is dandelion high in that your body converts to acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter both in the peripheral nervous system and in the central nervous system, important in the brain for learning, mood, and memory? (Acetylcholine is low in people who have Alzheimer’s disease.)


Lecithin! This unique phospholipid—the main constituent being phosphatidyl choline—is a nutrient compound that emulsifies fat, lowers cholesterol, and protects the cardiovascular system. Dandelion is rich in this lipid, containing about 30,000 parts per million, nearly twice that of soybeans. Dandelion’s high content of lecithin, with its fat emulsifying properties, also makes it an effective digestive aid.


The important transmitter in the brain at nerve-to-nerve synapses, acetylcholine, uses another component:


Choline! Dandelion’s high concentration of choline and lecithin convert to acetylcholine. In the central nervous system, the resulting variety of effects as a neuromodulator include plasticity, excitability, arousal and reward.


Oh, another physiological function of the acetylcholine that dandelion helps your body make is particularly important: stimulation of muscle tissue.


Acetylcholine! Remember thatyour brain is like a muscle! “Use it or lose it!”


In making “uplifting memories” drinking dandelion tea, there’s a lot to learn!

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  1. Rachel Says:

    Ruth, I enjoyed reading all about it. Roasting the root gives the dandelion a coffee-like flavor. I am glad Daddy likes dandelion leaves. Love, Mother

  2. John Says:

    That is “dandy”!

  3. Akaara Says:

    I tried the tea for the first time yesterday evening and I felt amazing afterwards. Energy level was really good. That was after just 1 cup! I couldn’t believe how good I felt, not like “high” or anything. I just felt GOOD, alert and energetic. I’m hooked.

  4. Ruth Says:

    Akaara, Wow! Thanks for writing with such wonderful news!
    Glad to hear from you and glad to help! Ruth

  5. Steph Says:

    I was taking milk thistle for prevention of liver damage. But I ran out of it,and decided to go on dandelion root that I had in the cupboard instead of buying more milk thisle. (I knew that dandelion is also good for the liver.) I was astonished at the change in my mood and energy levels. This surprised me, because I was already eating green salad every night, in addition to taking a multivitamin and a B complex vitamin. Thanks for the info about lecithin and choline.

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