Dandelion: Eighth MOST WANTED in the World

Eighth Most Wanted WHAT? Summer Brew! Whew!  The news reports that Fantôme Pissenlit, from Belgium, is actually a very good beer. I personally would not know, although I loved visiting Belgium; I do not drink beer, but my husband doesask him! Why beer on a tea site? This beer is made from… you guessed it! …dandelion tea!!!

In a Jul 15, 2009 post in Inventor Spot, Serious Fun for the Inventor in All of Us, “Don’t let the fact that dandelion tea is the basis for the Pissenlit, which is usually made with barley malt and hops. ( ‘Pissenlit’ means ‘piss in the bed’ in French, and uncooked dandelions are said to have a diuretic effect.) A peppy Belgian brew that pours amber, the flavor is described as acidic or very citric, depending on the reviewer. Orange makes a strong appearance as does spice.”

Come springtime, workers get to harvesting bushels of dandelions from the fields around the scenic farmhouse brewery. They remove the yellow flowers to dry in the sun, and then soak them a few days in water. They ferment the thick, dark dandelion “tea” and transform it into Pissenlit, a traditional drink also made from barley malt and hops. The result resembles a classic saison ale: golden and spritzy, strong and flavorful, having a distinctive hop bite. Even if it’s a strain to taste the brewed dandelion tea, it’s definitely in there in the bottles.

Gives a whole new meaning to “tea time”!

Beer is a beverage imbibed countless thousands of years. Noteworthy side effects can include addiction to alcohol; as always, keep on the proper side of the law, and concerning participating in this popular pastime, proceed at your own risk.

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  1. Chris Says:

    As a home beer brewer, I am always looking for new and inventive ways to spice up my brew. With the right hops (probably in the medium alpha range), and a good liquid yeast, this sounds like a decent brew if allowed proper time to ferment. I’m looking forward to giving it a try!

  2. Ruth Says:

    Thanks, Chris! Are you going gather the dandelions yourself, or purchase dandelion tea as the base for your brew? Eager to hear! Ruth

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